Land represents a fundamental asset to the rural families in our country which comprise a substantial majority of the population. It is a primary source of income, security, and status. Land is one asset which almost every rural man or woman relates to. In the rural areas all the socio-economic privileges and deprivations revolve round land.

Bhoomi Pratignya
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Important works of Paralegals and Community Surveyors
As on : 04 Apr 2020 Land issues Identified    Resolved Pending
All mandals 11,62,542 10,76,930 85,612
%All mandals 100% 92.64% 7.36%
Working mandals 10,01,336 9,29,641 71,695
%Working mandals 100% 92.84% 7.16%
Quote of the Day:
Land is the only thing in the world that amounts to anything, for it's the only thing in this world that lasts. It's the only thing worth working for, worth fighting for, worth dying for...
Margaret Mitchell
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  Mandals : 527 448
  Villages : 14,523 12,761
  HH : 17,78,007 14,10,685
  SC HH : 13,15,264 9,98,425
  ST HH : 4,62,743 4,12,260