About Land Development

IKP has evolved a strategy for enabling the Village Organizations in 700 Gram Panchayats in 259 Mandals (in the erstwhile A.P) to facilitate all the poor households to secure their Rights and Entitlements under NREGA fully and also to ensure that the EGS investments are secured to develop the lands belonging to the poor.

The strategy is to position a team of Community Resource Persons in select Gram Panchayats to provide grass root level support to the Village Organisations to fulfill the responsibilities referred to above.

It is expected that these 700 Gram Panchayats will emerge as EGS Model Villages for demonstrating a framework for implementing NREGS in a manner that all the Rights and Entitlements guaranteed to the wage seekers are fulfilled in letter and spirit.

The initiative is intended to get the Community Based Organisations of the poor i.e. Village Organization play a pro-active role by building the awareness of the wage seekers on the Rights and Entitlements guaranteed and provide them handholding support to secure their Rights and Entitlements. If the expected outcome is achieved in all the 700 villages as expected, the NREGS can be freed from some of the serious shortcomings observed currently in the villages.

The salient feature of the programme are as follows:

1. Objective

To facilitate in the select Gram Panchayats:

  1. 100 days of wage employment to all the poor households
  2. Development of lands belonging to the poor

2. Strategy

To develop Resource Villages which can act as models for best practices in EGS. Intensive work in these villages can facilitate emergence of CRPs who can disseminate the best practices in all other villages.

3. Coverage

The programme is taken up in 3 Gram Panchayats each in 259 Mandals.

4. CRP Team

There will be 6 CRPs forming into 3 teams of 2 members each in each Mandal. Each team will work intensively in one Gram Panchayat.

5. Role of the CRP team

Each CRP team will work intensively in the GP allotted to them covering all the VOs that are falling in that GP. They undertake the following activities:

  1. Mobilization of all the poor households whose adult members regularly work under EGS
  2. Organizing them into labour groups
  3. Imparting required training on rights and entitlements guaranteed under EGS
  4. Preparation of EGS calendar/ Labour Demand Micro Plan/ Land Development Micro Plan
  5. Facilitating applications for work
  6. Organization of poor landowners, on whose land development is planned, into groups
  7. Tying up with NPM, food security etc.

6. Land Development

All lands of the poor in these villages will be developed till saturation point.