About Land Inventory

Land Inventory is a process by which the lands of the poor in a village are listed and physically verified to see whether the poor have secured title and possession of the lands.

When the Paralegals/Community Surveyors/CRPs initiates the process of preparation of inventory of lands of the poor, they take the basic village revenue record i.e. Pahani/Adangal as the basis. They will also consult other important records like the RoR 1 B, Assignment Register etc.

They will record the details of the title and possession as per revenue record and then visit each and every survey number field by field and verify who is in actual enjoyment of the lands. If there is a discrepancy between record and field position, then they will find out the reason for such discrepancy and then record it as an issue which needs to be resolved by the Revenue functionaries.

The record thus built is discussed with the community and with the Village Organization to confirm the accuracy.

After completion of the inventory, the land issues will be culled out from the record and further action of collecting necessary documents/evidence, submitting representation to the revenue officers, following up till resolution will take place. Wherever necessary, the land is surveyed by the community surveyors.

Initially inventory was done for lands of all the poor. During 2009-10, the focus is shifted to SC/ST lands. It is planned to have the inventory of SC/ST lands prepared in all the revenue villages of land working mandals.