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      IKP is has started the initiative of Profitable Dairying by Establishing Milk Procurement Centers in villages and Bulk Milk Cooling Units ( BMCUs) at mandal level through SHGs and their federations in two mandals on Pilot basis in 2006-07 and has reached to the present level of managing 199 BMCUs with more than 4500 village level milk procurement centers and have procured 77122 MTs of milk worth Rs.16966 lakhs during the year 2009-10.

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      During the present financial year 2010-11, the focus has been on the development and strengthening of backward linkages for enhancement of Milk productivity levels. As a part of Productivity Enhancement initiative, a superior variety of perennial fodder variety i.e Andhra Pradesh Bajra Napier ( APBN), with annual yield levels of 300 MTs per Hectare is promoted by the project. To make the APBN fodder available for all community members in the 364 number of Dairy & CMSA mandals in the state, and to achieve 300 acres of APBN fodder in each mandal to cater to the needs of 3000 adult animals in a mandal, an APBN fodder nursery of 3 acres is planned in each mandal, which will be supplying fodder slips ( stem slips) to the needy community members and farmers in the mandal. The nursery is supposed to be maintained for at least 3 years to achieve the goal of 300 acres of green fodder area in a mandal. Such APBN fodder nurseries are already established in 150 mandals and nearly 2000 acres of fodder area is established by the end of August 2010. And the nurseries will be established in the balance 214 mandals during the present year.

      The propagation of the Fodder to the farmers lands is the critical stage of the programme, which is being achieved through formation of Spear Head Teams( SHTs) from community members, who after training are allotted with the duty of propagating fodder from the nursery. A 9 member team of SHT for each mandal is trained for 7 days in the regional Training centers established at Nizambad, Elur and Chittoor districts. The SHT members are also taking up the construction of Azolla Culture pits to grow Azolla Algae and feed to the animals by replacing the concentrate feed. They are also responsible for operationalization of Feed Credit in the villages, where the concentrate feed prepared in the IKP managed mini feed mixing plants ( 69 mini feed mixing plants are being run by SHGs and their federations in 15 districts of the state) is supplied to all villages where IKP milk procurement centers are functioning. The cost of the concentrate feed supplied in a fortnight is deducted from the milk bills every fortnight.

      In order to improve Breeding and reproductive services in the villages, an initiative has been taken from SERP to supply 5 breeding bulls to each Dairy and CMSA mandals, where Veterinary Institutions and Gopalamitra services are not available. As part of the achieving the 100% conception of the animals, it is also planned to organise Fertility Camps in all villages quarterly during this year.

      To access the animal health services in time by all villages, an Animal Extension Worker training is planned in all villages of dairy and CMSA mandals. Accordingly 4000 women community members will be trained in first aid and positioned in all villages, who will work as liaison workers between Veterinary Doctors and Community memners in the villages.

      The SC and ST PoP families in all the CMSA mandals are surveyed for possessing Milch Animals and the listed 1.5 lakh SC & ST PoP families will be included in the dairy action plan and MCPs will be prepared for supply of milch animals of their choice, by the end of financial year 2010-11, to gain additional income of atleast Rs15000 per annum, to alleviate their poverty.

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